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Common Plumbing Problems And How To Avoid Them

February 26, 2017

Many homeowners are having a headache because of the problems with their plumbing especially during the cold winter months. Leaks can happen anywhere and anytime so taking simple precautions can help prevent major issues.

Here are some of the most common plumbing dilemmas that homeowners experience and how these can be avoided in the first place.

-- If you use a septic tank, it's easy to forget to have it pumped out and treated before the colder months set in. The result? You get a backed up sewer line and have to pay a lot of money to have a plumber come out to take care of the problem. A simple way to remember to have it serviced is to have it taken care of around the same time you put your clocks back in the fall. It is a lot more costly to have work done on the septic tank if the ground around it is frozen because of the amount of labour it entails. JB Heating your number one choice for Bolton plumbers is a company you can trust when it comes to these issues.

-- Pipes burst all over the United Kingdom all winter long because they were not adequately protected beforehand. Even if you've never had a problem with them in the past, one unusually frigid cold snap could create real problems. If you haven't already, cover them with specially designed pipe insulation and then seal the seams with tape for extra protection against the elements.

-- Make sure you winterize your outdoor swimming pool properly if you have one. A pool professional can help you to know what to do if you've never done it before. Many experts recommend blowing out swimming pool lines with an air compressor to reduce the chances of problems from freezing temperatures, but a plumber or pool specialist will be able to determine if that kind of precaution is necessary for your climate.

-- Outdoor faucets and spigots will freeze if the outside water line has not been disconnected. Make sure to drain all hoses and then disconnect them from the water supply. Frozen water from improperly prepared exterior lines can burst and cause flooding into the basement. In case you encounter such issues, contact plumbers in Haslingden and Rawtenstall.

-- When remodelling a bathroom shower yourself, make sure that all tiles are properly sealed. Even the tiniest of cracks may create a problem: water will trickle through and settle atop the drywall of the ceiling below. Once the drywall is saturated, the water will come through and create an unsightly mess. 

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